Team is a British Cycling registered club. Anyone of our cycling sisters (& brothers!) are welcome to race for VeloBelle. All you have to do is buy a set of our kit and you can automatically register as a member of the team, get a racing licence in our name and fly the VB flag whenever and wherever you race!

To buy the kit Click Here...

We will also be looking at holding training camps both on Jersey and other locations. There are big plans for the future with VeloBelle so become part of it now.

Donna LeBlancq                                                 Lisa Porter                                              Diane Horsley                                   Sarndra Laugeard                         Suz Taylor

Jo Le Cocq                                                          Sarah Robbe                                           Sherri Donaldson                             Nikki Bardin                                     Lowri Jones

Agne Kazlauskiene                                            Carol Knight                                            Helene Mon Petit                             Sharon Pitcher

Angela Davey                                                      Louise Woodland                                   Sally Mayman                                   Eleanor Blampied

Darcey McCrossan                                            Lyn Strydom                                            Phillipa Worth                                  Kathy Liron