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Welcome to and our online store. We will be adding more and more products all the time that will make your cycling experience complete. We have our brilliant VeloBelle by Santini team kit that makes you part of the VeloBelle Team. Whether you want to race under the banner of VB or just be part of this growing group of girls who ride hard and want to look good doing it.

VeloBelle by Santini Short Sleeve Jersey

Our VeloBelle by Santini jersey is a specific womens cut jersey in our TEAM design. It has a full zip and 3 back pockets. Buying the VeloBelle Team kit automatically makes you part of the team. We are registered with British Cycling so you can get your race licence as Team Pair this with some of our Bib-shorts to complete the look!

£45.00 + p&p


VeloBelle by Santini Bib-Shorts

Our VeloBelle by Santini Bib-Shorts are everything the racing girl needs! From a womens specific cut to Gel Intech Womens chamois these are serious shorts for a serious rider.


+ p&p


VeloBelle Water Bottle 750ml

 Make sure you're not running on empty and sup your favourite energy drink from a VeloBelle waterbottle. We have 750ml bottles only at the moment, but they are truly girly with the VeloBelle logo and pink tops.

£5.00 + p&p

VeloBelle Winter Jacket in BreezeWall Fabric

Keep flying the VeloBelle flag throughout the winter with our superb Longsleeve winter jacket by Santini in Breezewall fabric.

Wind and water-proof, breathable, thermal fabric. Breeze-wall is the new warm fabric laminated with a windproof membrane produced by Santini for its thermal items. The new membrane assures wind and water-proofness while maintaining maximum breathability. The products made with Breeze-wall fabric grant maximum performances and comfort thanks to its lightness and thermal regulation features. 

Breezewall is incredle when pushed to the limit on VERY cold days!

£95.00 + £4.00 p&p


VeloBelle by Santini Track mitts

VeloBelle by Santini track mitts. Designed by the brains and designery types at and made in Italy. Lycra back, velcro closure and anti-friction anti sliding palm.

£22.00 + p&p


VeloBelle by Santini Lycra Booties

We all know booties just look great and our VeloBelle ones are no exception. Oh and they are incredibly aerodynamic and help you go muchos rapido! Made by santini from go faster lycra they stretch over your shoes to fit snuggly in place....did we mention they look good? One size fits all

£22.00 + p&p